10 Reasons Why List Posts Are Good

When it comes to creating content for your website or blog one of the most effective ways is to turn that content into a list. Due to the information overload people either don’t have the time or the patience to bother reading long drawn out paragraphs. They can also be hard to follow, be boring, and put your readers asleep. Here are some reasons why lists are good.

1. They’re easy to write
You can deliver your message quickly with a minimum of words giving you more time to concentrate on other traffic building strategies.

2. Lists have the potential to go viral
Those who use social media like Stumbleupon and Digg like to vote on lists, people tend to link to them more often then other content. And their easier to share and pass around.

3. They encourage conversation from readers
They encourage conversation either by readers adding comments adding to your list (things you left out for example) or they create their own list to compliment your own.

4. Their easy to scan
Short sweet answers are easier to read, easier to comprehend, and easier to retain, meaning your readers will remember what you write and come back for more.

5. Numbers are catchy
I’ve noticed this when using Twitter. The tweets that not only caught my attention and that of those who read my content used numbers in the titles. Not sure what it is but adding numbers to your list helps big time.

6. It keeps you on target
It’s harder to loose focus and ramble when writing lists compared to a regular post with paragraphs.

7. They present your case
Lists allow you to easily display facts in an easy to read format indicating your knowledge on a topic or why you think a certain way about a subject.

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8. There neat and easy to navigate
How many times have you visited a site and had a hard time sorting through a page or article. With a list everything is in point form and easy to find. Adding numbers also means that if you can find your place again if you get distracted or have to leave the site.

9. They allow great titles
A title like 10 Ways to get money from blogging makes your content more attractive and brandable then a title such as How to make money blogging.

10. Allows new blogs or web pages to stand out
When you first start a new blog or site getting things going can be tough. Using list posts are a great way to get those potential first readers, subscribers, and followers.

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