5 Reasons Why Blogging Can Help Your MLM Business

I have been blogging for almost 5 years now, with the first blog I created is a personal blog, with my rants on life, school, friends and work. However, other than blogging about personal life, a blog can help you build your MLM business.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Give You Personal Branding

By having a blog, you can use to brand yourself online, as someone who is a leader, someone who have good value to offer, someone who reaches out to help others. People can know who you are from your blog, what your thoughts are from your blog posts and your personality from your blogging styles. And from there, you can brand yourself as a unique being who is totally different from others.

2. They Know You Are Real!

The Internet is full of millions of websites and blogs. In MLM, people join people, not company, products or websites. With a blog, you can connect with your audience and they know that you are a real person, instead of just a static website. People hate spam too, and nothing can be more irritating than speaking to a website sending multiple computer-generated emails.

3. Your Own Piece of Online Real Estate!

A Personal Blog is your own piece of online real estate! When you created a self-hosted blog (not blogger.com, typepad.com, wordpress.com, xanga.com…etc), you basically have a piece of land you can call yours in the virtual. When you met people online, you can send them to your ‘online home’, and they can know more about you there, and you can develop relationships with them!

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4. Getting Free Leads for your MLM business

If you can blog well, your blog will get ranked by popular search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. When people search for particular keywords around your blog niche, like “MLM in Singapore, Health and Wellness Singapore, MLM secrets…etc”, they will find your blog. If you have a lead capture page that they can opt in, it is even better. You can send more valuable info (yes! more valuable info, not advertisement!) to them, to help them get what they want.

5. Build Relationship With Audience

This is very important. MLM business is about relationships. A blog allows you to connect with your audience, with blog comments, stories, experiences. You can exchange ideas with fellow bloggers, sharing valuable blog posts around the web too. You can add videos of yourself or pictures of you in different countries. Again, people like to know more about you from your blog, so write it in your tone, have your own personality in your blog posts:)

Blogging is a very good way to help your MLM business. However, many people create their blogs incorrectly and ineffectively. I created my blog, Donnareillycontent.com in less than a day, and I get ranked for several keywords now, especially my name, Donna Reilly, which is ranked on first page of Google!

I know you can do it too, and so now, decide to start your own blog today, learn from bloggers who have achieved the success you want, and apply the blogging secrets they have given you! If you need help feel free to click below!

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