7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Business Copywriting

Donna Reilly WritingTempting though it may be, there are a lot of good reasons why you should leave your business copywriting to a professional business content writer or copywriter. Set aside the view that a professional writer ‘would say that’, open your mind and let’s take an idea for a walk…

(1) A professional content writer brings a fresh perspective on your business

An independent observer will invariably be able to ‘helicopter out’ from your business, see through he day-to-day issues and offer fresh new perspectives. And if they happen to be a trained professional copywriter, they’ll be able to translate this perspective into benefit-laden copy to promote and differentiate your organisation.

(2) There are better ways for you to add value to your business

Compare a typical content writer’s hourly rate with yours and then ask yourself why, as a senior manager or a business principal, you should squander that time on copywriting. For the same reasons that you hire an accountant, an HR consultant or a legal advisor, it will often pay you to hire a professional copywriter to help with your business content writing. And while they are developing and polishing your content, you can be using your unique skills to add value to your business in the ways that only you can…

(3) Do you have a content writer’s skills and experience?

Of course you can write. You can drive a car too – but you probably wouldn’t have the specialised skills to enter the Le Mans 24-hours race! You’d leave that to a professional driver. It’s the same when it comes to content writing for your website, brochure, newsletter or case study content. Why struggle with something you aren’t comfortable with (or for which you haven’t got sufficient time) when a professional can do the work for you. Because a professional business content writer writes every day, they should be able to work faster and more efficiently than you would ever do. What’s more, they’ll know the secrets of beating writing block and plenty more insider writing tricks. Let them do the work; you know it makes sense.

(4) Business content writers are trained to turn features into benefits

People don’t buy product and service features: they buy BENEFITS. It’s surprising how many people struggle with the distinction between the two. For experienced professional business content writers, turning features into benefits is second nature. Not only will your proposition benefit, but you may even find that they discover some new benefits that you hadn’t even considered. How’s that for value added.

(5) Enjoy professional writing resource when needed – but no overhead when it isn’t

By hiring a professional content writer when you need one you can spend your copywriting budget most effectively. As mentioned above, you’ll avoid squandering your valuable time (what is your hourly rate?); you also avoid the need for costly overhead between copywriting assignments. It’s a win:win situation as you enjoy big company copywriting power as cost-effectively as possible.

(6) A content writer can help you avoid costly rework

You probably wouldn’t believe how often professional copywriters are shown half-baked, ill-conceived website or brochure copy that has been cobbled together by technical, administration, or even marketing personnel. It happens more often than you’d imagine and each time it leads to expensive reworking before the final copy is suitable for representing your business. Why do a job twice when an experienced content writer can get it right first time? And if you’ve got existing rough draft copy, don’t forget to ask if your content writer can offer a copy editing service too. It’s often a surprisingly cost-effective way to polish existing copy into shape.

(7) You’ll get a great addition to your team

Question: when is a freelance business content writer not a business content writer? Answer: when they do more than copywriting for your business. A broadly experienced content copywriter will often have a solid background in other business and communications disciplines: technical selling; marketing; PR; technical communications and much more. As well as getting a long-term communications partner, you’ll be amazed at the other useful benefits that they’ll bring to your team.

So there it is. Next time you think about redrafting your own website content or writing a new technical brochure please think again. Then contact a friendly local business content writer and watch as they make short work of your business writing.

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