Are You Writing Content That Matters?

After writing the headline, it’s now time to focus on what will showcase your knowledge and expertise on the topic of the article. Writing content that matters and that people will actually want to read is one of the greatest challenges of article writers.

Once you get around all the freelance writing sites, you’ll notice that the tagline “content is king” has been written, explained, and elaborated by freelance writers repeatedly. In fact, I’m doing it now because it is the motto of every freelance writer who is serious about their work.

There are three important things you have to do to deliver quality content.

1. Perfect your spelling, grammar, and punctuation “skills.”

English is a language most people understand and speak, but writing it is a different matter. I’m fortunate that I have had great English teachers in the past and have also had copyeditor training, which mostly focused on honing our skills in English language, grammar, and punctuation. If you feel, and know, that your mastery of the language is lacking, do something about it. Read grammar books, take spelling quizzes online, read on proper usage of commas and colons. Improve yourself as a writer.

2. Increase your (online) vocabulary.

There are many words that you will learn as you freelance. New words and technical terms are to be expected and not feared. With Wikipedia and other resources, you can learn almost anything at once. Knowing where to look for word meanings and synonyms is crucial in writing articles. After all, we do not want to write articles using the same boring words all the time, even if we want to keep it simple.

3. Practice writing every day.

There’s just no other way to do it. You need to keep on writing for three important reasons: to get comfortable writing, to find your writing voice, and to get paid.

Here’s how you practice writing every day.

Blogging. Soon, you’ll be asked to write blog posts. So start getting comfortable by doing it in your own little corner of the web. If you need help then feel free to purchase content below.

Keeping a journal or a diary. This will help you get used to writing down your thoughts in an almost organized way. I personally think it helps prevent writer’s block because your mind is in this constant state of churning ideas that you need to write down.

Writing for writing sites. There are many revenue-sharing sites that you can write for. The premise is that you can write about what you know and you get paid through the number of page views or ad clicks. You can also get the chance to learn through the feedback of other writers on your posts. To be honest, I have no high income expectations from such sites. I commonly use them as a place for portfolio pieces and for practice.

Now you have an idea on how to write content that matters. It is not simply having the information, it is more on how you present it.

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