Blogging For Business Success

If you have been blogging for business on a casual basis, it is time to rethink the blogging strategy and take it more seriously. If you have not started to blog it is time to rethink your marketing strategies and start writing blog posts.

Blogs make sense because of search engine marketing and because they are powerful tools for linking with others. Blogs help you build relationships with prospective and current clients and customers.

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs and professionals blog. One of the major objectives most people state is to establish themselves as experts in their field, industry, or in their profession. For instance, consultants select a particular business niche and create their expertise in that niche which may be public speaking, or marketing books on Amazon, or using social networking for business.

The titles of successful blogs usually contain at least two key words which describe the content of the blog so that the search engines can give added weight to the content. The title also tells readers what kind of content they can expect from the blog. The trick is not to choose a word that is highly used and well established. There will be way too much competition for search engine status. Select your key words for your title among the established words but not among the top 20 most popular.

Successful blogs also use the real names of the people behind the blog even though they may have a catchy marketing title such as The Blog Squad or The Word Press Queen. I read the posts from both of these blogs and I know the names of their authors. They also always show a little information about their profession and more about what they do in their business or profession. Their contact information for the reader, such as an email address or web site or even an address, is always provided as well as a sensible photo.

Keep your information spirited. Use the present tense all the time if you can. Even if you dislike writing and think you are a lousy writer, write just as if you were having a conversation with your neighbor.

Keep your posts short and simple. Most people are scanners and do not have the time to read much regardless of how good your content. Get to your point quickly so the reader can decide to read more or move on.

Readers can tell a lot about you from what you post on your blog and how you write it so make sure you are giving them the impression you want them to have. If this seems that you are revealing too much information, think about it. Would you want to do business with someone about whom you knew little or nothing?

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