The Benefits Of Blogging For Business

You could easily Google “the benefits of blogging” and find “About 40,300,000 results”(0.22 seconds)” and learn plenty about why blogging is important, valuable and vital for your business, however this morning I was pondering on my role as a content writer and why exactly I think blogging is beneficial.

As a content writer for many businesses I know that offering knowledge is important. Forget bumping your status on Google, forget linking it up to others, and forget anything to do with SEO, for a minute I want to talk about knowledge.

People want to stay informed. They want up-to-date information and they want it conveniently at their fingertips. They want to feel empowered to make the right decisions and they want to know who, what, when, where and how. And if you can be the person to give them that information easily, then WHAM! You have their trust & rapport within an instant.

WHAM – in my opinion, the MAIN benefit in blogging – Trust & Rapport.

Your knowledge and your straightforwardness in sharing this knowledge is what people want. Do this via a blog – an easily assessable platform, and people, customers, clients, they will remember your name. They will remember the person and ultimately the business that was the most helpful to them in their time of need – no matter how big or small it was.

In my opinion – it is as simple as that.

Blogging is about sharing information and about creating rapport with both current and potential clients.

The benefits of blogging are endless. For some they may be simply be a tool to topping the Google search charts, but ultimately – no one likes an arrogant winner. There is no point being first on Google if your clients wants and needs are found and addressed down the list at number 7…

The Benefits of Blogging – The Reverse Angle

The benefits of blogging also extend your way – there is a wealth of knowledge out there just waiting to be discovered, a world that is not specifically based on educational knowledge, but rather knowledge based on others experiences – which I have discovered can be more enlightening than anything that could be taught in a classroom – you yourself can learn from blogging!

I have come to believe that opinion based on fact, that argumentative conversation if taken in with an open mind can give us invaluable perspective. I now believe that asking questions, being open, sharing your thoughts with others – similar or not to you – can not only give you inspiration and motivation, but can give you a type of knowledge that simply can not be found elsewhere.

We all want to learn. There is a certain part of us, no matter what our background, no matter what our age, that gives us a hunger to learn new things each and everyday, to experience new things, and to see past what has always been right in front of us…

The world wide web is now our platform, the benefits of blogging is that it is a new form of education – of learning, and most importantly it allows us to give and gain knowledge that 20 years ago we would not have had the opportunity to provide and acquire.

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