Why Do You Need A Marketing Content Writer?

A lot of businesses – and writers – still don’t really understand what a Marketing Content Writer should do. This article will clear up some of the confusion.

“Content is King”

If you have been involved in running and online business, you will be familiar with the saying “content is king”. You may of seen a numbers of bloggers disputing this fact. But the truth remains that content is nowadays a big driving force behind doing business online. People love websites with great content. Once you have the traffic that excellent content provides, converting that traffic to customers is easy – relatively speaking.

The Marketing Side

Many writers and website owners understand how to generate traffic. They know the basic principles of search engine optimization (SEO). But what many don’t understand is how to make that traffic useful from a business perspective. The essential problem of online marketing is two-pronged. One prong is traffic, the other prong is conversions. Your content needs to be optimized for both if you want to get the best returns from your website.

Enter Marketing Content Writers

And that’s where marketing writers come into the picture. For a website to convert really well, and generate a lot of traffic, no run-of-the-mill writer will suffice. Many website owners make the mistake of ¬†outsourcing content and paying peanuts. What they get back, often times, is useless content that won’t convert your visitors into a buyers, because the writer simply doesn’t understand marketing and branding.

Learning That Online Marketing is Different

People are always wary of any new businesses they find online. A good marketing writer knows how to create that sense of trust and authenticity through the copy on your website.

It’s not that direct marketing can’t be effective online – absolutely it can. But we’re now in the age of Web 2.0. Users want interactivity. They want to create a conversation with the companies they do business with. They don’t want to be sold at. Yes, you can still sell at people, but it’s much easier and much more effective online to win their trust and build ongoing relationships. Your content is the meat of your online brand. It establishes who you are as a company and what you’re all about, not just what you sell.

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Controlling Your Conversation

In the online space, if you’re not taking charge of the conversation going on around your company, then you’re not in control of your brand. Or, even worse – there won’t be a conversation. If you’re a start up or a solo entrepreneur, it’s up to you to make a name for yourself.

A Commitment to Quality

Poor quality content is a big turn off to users. In fact, even okay quality content can be a turn off. If the reader has heard it all before, why should they care? Your content is your chance to be different, to shine, and to offer value. Offering value is the key to building sales online. People don’t want to do business with a faceless and impersonal website. They want to do business with websites that bring something to the table and prove the customer’s best interests and biggest concerns are in mind.

People are spending online in a big way. But are they spending with you? The skills of your marketing content writer may play a big part in the answer to that question. Follow the links below to learn more about hiring a content writer from Donna Reilly Content.

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