Write Great Copy – Climactic Closings That Deliver The Deal

Writing great copy helps to sell just about any product or service. That’s why it’s important to understand how to write to your target audience so that they not only become interested in your product but are so convinced your product is the solution to their needs that they are ready to take action upon reading it. This is why the closing paragraph is so important. It is your last chance to leave a lasting memory in the mind of your reader. Your final paragraph or last bit of copy should be extremely exciting and decisive.Much of the copy on the web starts out interesting enough with a catchy headline and titillating summary, but after a few paragraphs it falls short of expectations. With readers just a click away from the next winning headline, it is important to ensure your copy has enough magnetism to keep your target audience attracted. Write great copy from the headline to the closing and turn your audience into loyal customers.

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Great copy is written so that the main focus is the customer and their needs. Address their concerns and enter the conversation that is taking place in their minds. When you are familiar with your target audience, you can identify possible problems and offer solutions that your product or service can provide. The copy should be written much like a guided tour, each paragraph building upon the previous one, with the last paragraph offering a closing that is so compelling your reader is ready to close the deal.

Bullet points can add clarification to your copy but are best used in the body of the copy rather than as a closing. That’s because bulleted copy tends to be shorter and more to the point, sometimes lacking the explanation necessary to seal the deal needed in the final paragraph. Bullets used in the body of the copy help to confirm the interest of your target audience followed by increasingly convincing and compelling copy designed to make your reader take action. These five rules will ensure you always write great copy:

• Identify your target audience
• Listen to their needs and concerns
• Enter the conversation in their minds
• Provide solutions by telling rather than selling
• Close the deal with a call to action

Close your final paragraph by mentioning your topic and adding a reminder of the solution your product offers. Write great copy so that each word has an impact and each paragraph builds upon the previous one. Like a good story, bring your message in clearly with a climatic closing that excites the reader and allows you to deliver the deal.

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