Your Blog Needs A Strategy

Blogging Just To Blog Is A Waste Of Time

I was listening to a presentation yesterday about the benefits of blogging and how it can assist your business to flourish. The person was going on about the credibility it offers you and how it will create trust with your potential clients. This ultimately will improve your chance of selling something.

The interesting thing was that the presenter was correct about everything a blog could do, what they didn’t point out was that just posting to a blog site will do little if nothing for you unless:

1) The blog’s message is very relevant to something your audience is interested in.
2) There’s an attractive offer that causes your audience to take action.
3) There’s a call to auction along with your post and in your blog site.
4) And, by far, most important, you’ve got an audience.

If you do not have all of these things in place, then your blog is no better then a gold coin at the bottom of the ocean. The chances of finding it and doing anything with it are somewhere between slim and none.

Blogs Are Free, Or Cheap

One of the advantages of blogging is that it is so cheap to get started. One of the disadvantages to blogging is that it’s so cheap to get started. Because there’s such a low barrier to entry, you’ll find thousands of blogs being created every hour. So if you don’t have a way to stand out, you are going to quickly get lost in the cloud.

Bottom line, posting to a blog will be observed by nobody, unless you ensure that people find it. This is where the strategy has to come into play. You have to know what you intend to do with your blog first and foremost. Is it going to be to get new sales, educate your market, be used as a communication tool between a group of individuals, or simply your way of ranting to the world.

Each of these choices effects the way you set up your blog, and the way you get people to go to it. But once you determine what you want to do with your blog, now you’ve got to figure out how to get people to notice it.

How People Find Your Blog

There are a few ways to get visibility to your blog.

1) You can invite people through social media.
2) You can buy traffic and use email marketing campaigns, or PPC campaigns,
3) Or you can get your blog ranked through SEO and optimization.

The last one is by far the most difficult and will take the most time, but in the long run is the most worthwhile and can provide the best return. In addition, these strategies are not mutually exclusive. You can apply all 3 in parallel. If you are attempting to get business with your blog and time is of the essence then I recommend you do all 3. If time is on your side and you have limited means, then options one and three will probably be your best bet.

I’m not going to get into depth on every method to get traffic, there are a lot of sources that can tell you how to buy a list, do an email campaign or a PPC program on Facebook or Google. But I will provide you with a quick tip on the SEO side. Expect that it will take no less than three months of posting on a daily basis before your blog will obtain much visibility on the SERP’s. If you are looking for one day turn, you’re wasting your time.

The only exception to this might be if you have a really unique topic that most people aren’t talking about, but there is still demand for the information. You will have a better shot of your specific posts getting ranked much more quickly if that’s the case.

One last point on SEO. This isn’t for the faint at heart. Take your time and do your research before you dive in. You’ll need to understand keywords, post and site optimization, competition, page ranking and what Google actually wants. This alone can take a fair amount of time to learn. Nonetheless it’s well worth the investment of your time. Once you learn how to optimize your blog site and your posts, you can really improve your odds of success.

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